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Friday, October 2, 2020

WHO’S TO BE BLAME? MTN Free Data, Airtime Drama & Fight Yesterday With Nigerians (SEE THIS)

Dear Nigerians, as you were all busy lamenting bitterly on the state of the nation @ it 60th anniversary, something great was happening somewhere.
Now pay attention to the surprised package.

While y’all were busy posting pictures, videos and posts about moribund Nigeria system, MTN was busy doing “giveaway” of “airtime and data” surreptitiously, perhaps to mark the 60th Independence Anniversary.

E shock you? Calm down fess, I never finish.

Some persons got as much as 36,000 airtime, and 98722.31MB of data to celebrate the 60th Anniversary. (See attached picture).

E shock you? You miss diswan joor 😂😛Abeg be calming down fess.

All you needed was to dial *131*205# and boom, your giveaway is in your SIM. Multiple dial gives you additional airtime and data. 🤣😂

Well, I never finish the gist ooo. Be calming biko.

Trust Nigerians nah! They invaded MTN in droves. Even those that abandoned their SIM and boom, boom, boom, data and airtime everywhere.


While they were busy grabbing the giveaway, a Twitter user, @Muhammadlamco tweeted and alerted MTN of the ongoing “surreptitious giveaway” and MTN responded immediately by blocking the code.

Sadly, it’s no longer working. Calm down biko.

The big question now is; what is the fate of those people that successfully received the “giveaway”?

Well, I don’t know the answer either as we don’t know what MTN is cooking for those that received the “unapproved giveaway”.

I shall keep you guys update in this app whence any thing happen.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are already attacking Muhammadlamco, who they accused of snitching in them. As I type this, his Twitter account is restricted from accepting new follows, or access to the account except those following him prior to the “snitch” tweet.

Meanwhile, he earlier tweeted that Nigeria is not worth dying for. So Tweetarians are now asking him if MTN is worth dying for since he can’t die for Nigeria?

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