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Sunday, October 25, 2020

It’s Risky To Buy Anything From Unknown Source – Open Letter To Nigerians After National Lootings

Dear residents,
Trust you’re gradually coming out of the trauma caused by recent unrest nationwide?

Please let’s have at the back of our minds that malls, shops, boutiques, etc burgled during the crises and valuables taken away. No doubts that some of those items such as consumables, phones, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and all wart nuts will soon enter the streets and markets.

Let’s, therefore, be alert and warn our kids, wards, and domestic staff never to purchase anything from a source they’re not sure of nor fall for the guise of “hold this thing for me or lend me some money take this as collateral” as this may be detrimental to them and our reputation as well.

Items bought should have a known address and receipts. Except for regular foodstuffs gotten from the market.

Be careful! The consequence is more eminent than the advantage.

The police will be more brutal to handle any criminal case after the whole nation has protested against them.

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