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Sunday, September 13, 2020

TESTED & TRUSTED Job Interview SECRETS That Will Grant You Any Job Of Your Choice Successfully! (See This)

Successful Job Interview Hack!
During a job interview, you’re asked if you know how to do a particular thing, say YES with confidence even though you know nothing about that thing. Don’t try to be honest with the interviewer. If not, you will not get that job.

If I’m the interviewer, I asked you such question and you tryna be honest with me, I will know that you are an idiot and not ready to learn. Disqualified!

So long you have a little experience, you’re good to go!

Once you get employed, you will get enrolled on a “Handover Training”. Every sensible company does it.

Note: On “Handover Training” the company are not trying to teach you how to do the job. It is just a guideline on how they want the job done.

During the Handover processes, if you’re a smart person, you will surely pick up.

However, if they eventually discovered that you know absolutely nothing, they will grant you some months grace to learn. At least 2,3-4months grace. They won’t drop or sack you immediately. You can only get sacked when your village people didn’t allow you to learn faster or you’re not ready to learn ordinarily.

No matter how good you are, once you get employed, you must be enrolled on a “Handover Training”

Biko I did not say you should go and over hype yourself o. I only said during a job interview, do not be 100% honest with the interviewer if not, you won’t get the job!

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