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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

LET’S TALK!! Why Do People Spend So Much On Burial Ceremony When They Did Not Take Care Of Their Parent While Alive?

 Nigerians ehn, they are so unpredictable and love chasing clouts.

I have thought of this every time I see people/family spend Millions of Naira throwing parties whenever they lose an elderly person (Mum or Father) during their burial when they didn’t really take care of them like that when they were alive.

I used to ask myself – Why spend Millions when they are gone but can’t do the same when they were alive?

Well, Reno Omokri has helped us shed more light on the issue as he took to his Instagram page earlier yesterday.

See below:-


So, to everyone here, if you still have your parent alive, please, do take good care of them now rather than spend your heavy cash on them when they are going trying to impress those who don’t matter in your life.

– Take care of your parent!

– Let them enjoy you while they are still alive.

God bless you all

Why Do People Spend So Much Throwing Parties When They Did Not Take Care Of Their Parent While Alive?

Let’s discuss this very important issue today.

Let’s hear from you all.

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