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Friday, June 19, 2020

Don’t Give Yourself Unnecessary Headache Looking For A Man That Won’t Cheat On You - Facebook User says

A Facebook user has advised women to stop looking for a man who will not cheat in marriage because such will lead to headache.

According to him, “many married men are still enjoying the comforting bosoms of women other than their wives”.

He wrote:

Dear Single Lady,
As you choose the right man to marry and as you prepare for marriage, don’t worry so much about a man that won’t cheat on you.
Don’t give yourself unnecessary headache looking for a man that will always be faithful to you.
You won’t find any!
Are all men cheats?
Are all married men unfaithful?
I don’t know.
One thing I know is that many married men are still enjoying the comforting bosoms of women other than their wives.
You and I know this.

I also know that you think men are thrash, wicked and heartless scum.
Whatever you think about men, you will still marry them. 😅
As we are busy having the morality conversation about cheating being wrong, cheating is still going on.
One thing is clear.
Many men cheat.
Another thing is clearer. Most men have not changed and won’t change.
I don’t think that they want to change at all!
If all the good Christian preaching in the churches scattered over every street in Africa hasn’t stopped men from cheating, nothing will.

One thing you should know is that cheating is good business for many women today, married or single.
Well, that is talk for another day.
What can you do?

Adjust your expectations.
You do this by managing your happiness.
Sometimes, a problem cannot be solved. It can only be managed.
There are three ways to handle the matter of cheating really.
One, you pour a cheating man hot oil or stab him to death.
Two, you live a life of constant resentment over every man as you cry and talk about how the world is evil.
Three, you manage your happiness.
Number three is better.

Numbers one and two help no one.
When you understand that you cannot change men and men won’t change, you are freed up to focus on your happiness, whether he cheats or not.
As you prepare for marriage, don’t look for a man that won’t cheat on you.
That’s not practical.
Look for a man that will take care of you instead.
Then choose to be happy, whether he cheats or not.

I wrote clearly about this with a plan in my hot best seller book, 17 COSTLY MISTAKES WOMEN MAKE ABOUT MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS.
Get this book!

Don’t cancel the possibility of choosing a man for marriage because he cheated or will cheat on you.
There is no guarantee that you will find a man that won’t cheat on you.
If you need more guidance on this, quickly call or chat me up privately now”.

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